Anhydrous Ethanol

Absolute Alcohol PS0 min. 99.9% vol. (Item No.: 520MT2)

Solvents for use in the food industry (release agents), high quality printing inks, etc.

Absolute Alcohol PS1 or PS2 min. 99.9% vol. (Item No.: 520/1MT2 / 520/2MT2)

Solvents for printing inks, construction chemicals, etc.

Absolute Alcohol PS3 min. 99.9% vol. (Item No.: 520/3MT2)

Solvents for simple technical applications, such as glues, plastics, construction chemicals, etc.

Azeotropic Ethanol

Ethanol min. 96.0% vol.

(Item No.: 450MT2)

High quality raw material for premium detergents, cleaning and personal care products, etc.

Ethanol (technical) min. 96.0% vol. (Item No.: 450/3MT2)

Raw material for maintenance and antifreeze, as well as household cleaners, etc.


Standard Denaturation (per 100 Liters of pure Alcohol):

  • min. 1 Liter Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK-denaturant)
  • min. 1 Liter Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK-denaturant) + 1 g. Bitrex
  • min. 1 Liter Petroleum ether
  • min. 2 Liter Cyclohexane
  • min. 2 Liter Ethyl acetate und 0,1 Liter Isopropyl acetate
Additional denaturation upon request.